That is an opinion editorial via Anthony Feliciano, a Bitcoin match organizer and Bitcoin Mag contributor.

A few years in the past, I had a subject when my energy went out at my rental, and my RaspiBlitz went offline. It used to be the beginning of a brand new challenge, i.e., “how do I save you this from going down once more?” I may not cross into the technical setup on this article, as I’ve written an article with in-depth directions on how you’ll do that out for your self.

That is extra of a amusing we could get #reckless with a Lightning Node article. I imply, if we’re going to name ourselves Bitcoiners and now not get #reckless with equipment, programs, and {hardware}, then what are we doing? The basis right here, I used to be being despatched to California for paintings. Now, for those who run an LN node at house, you revel in energy outages, web outages, {hardware} freeze-u.s.and anything you’ll come across whilst keeping up a node — however you might be house, so you know the way to mend the whole lot and get again to standard with minimal down time. What if you’re at the street for a longer time frame and that occurs? With a bit of luck you could have somebody at house that may repair it for you or a minimum of information them. If you do not, are you going to go away your node offline for “x” choice of days? I imply I suppose that is being #reckless in some way. What did I do, you ask? Why, I took it at the street with me in fact. The time period mobile banking has been used for a few a long time as a result of the improvement of protocols, infrastructure, and {hardware} that make all of it imaginable. So I assumed, what if I may just sing their own praises my Raspiblitz node as cell banking 2.0?

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