That is an opinion editorial through Nikita Chashchinskii, a instrument developer operating on BIP300 sidechains.

Drivechain as outlined in BIP300 and BIP301 gives a brand new vision for Bitcoin, by which the next issues are solved:

  1. It gives a substitute for our present contentious and political procedure for converting Bitcoin. “Layer 1” regulations by no means have to modify, and new options are as an alternative offered through including opt-in sidechains.
  2. It gets rid of all cheap arguments in choose of Bitcoin’s competition through copying any helpful options they could have, most likely turning Bitcoin right into a monopoly within the cryptocurrency marketplace, which may be very useful for an asset that aspires to be “cash.”
  3. It supplies a possible approach to generate sufficient transaction charges to enhance the Bitcoin security budget. That is particularly necessary, because the block subsidy will inevitably fall because of halvening over time, and the prevailing choices for investment the safety price range are extremely problematic: introducing tail emission gets rid of the 21 million BTC prohibit by means of a troublesome fork, switching to evidence of stake calls for a considerable technical overhaul of Bitcoin and a troublesome fork, tying charge quantities to transaction values opens Bitcoin to pageant from altcoins and fiat cost techniques providing decrease charges.

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