"Bitcoin Is Venice," a book by Allen Farrington and Sacha Meyers, describes the renaissance of sound money.

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“The primary agricultural communities reached Europe’s doorstep in southern Bulgaria round 5300 BC. To start with farmers grew wheat and barley in small fields surrounding a couple of timber-framed constructions. Agricultural enlargement into marginal land lasted about two thousand years ahead of the rural possible of the area was once totally exploited and protracted cultivation started to exhaust the soil. And not using a proof of a local weather shift, native populations grew after which declined as agricultural agreement swept in the course of the house. Proof for intensive overdue Neolithic soil erosion displays that agriculture unfold from small spaces of arable soils at the valley bottoms into extremely erodible wooded area soils on steeper slopes. Sooner or later, the panorama stuffed in with small communities of a number of hundred other people farming the world inside a few mile in their village.

“In those first Ecu communities, inhabitants rose slowly ahead of a speedy decline that emptied settlements out for 5 hundred to one thousand years, till the primary lines of Bronze Age cultures then gave the impression. This trend suggests a basic style of agricultural construction wherein prosperity will increase the capability of the land to make stronger other people, permitting the inhabitants to amplify to make use of the to be had land. Then, having eroded soils from marginal land, the inhabitants contracts hastily ahead of soil rebuilds in a length of low inhabitants density.”

–David 1st viscount montgomery of alamein, “Dirt: The Erosion Of Civilizations

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