"Bitcoin Is Venice," a book by Allen Farrington and Sacha Meyers, describes the renaissance of sound money.

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“Cash will at all times see a a couple of layered growth because it evolves, and every layer has prices and advantages. You’ll mine your individual gold, however this procedure may be very dear with a prime barrier to access. You’ll purchase gold cash and bars simply in maximum portions of the arena, however the usage of them for each day trade is unfeasible. As a service provider, you’ll be able to settle for gold cash however both need to consider the purity or assay the gold your self. If you’re the usage of the paper certificates layers, you currently are engaged in counterparty menace, however have more straightforward capability for transactions. Each and every layer serves a distinct serve as. Base layers are for ultimate agreement, whilst upper layers are for facilitation of financial task.” — Nik Bhatia, “The Time Price of Bitcoin and LNRR.”

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