The marketing campaign will run from 14:00:00 on Would possibly 26, 2022 to 14:00:00 on Jun 2, 2022 (UTC).

To have a good time Secret (SCRT) being indexed on KuCoin, we will be able to be launching a marketing campaign to provide away a praise pool of 25,000 SCRT to certified KuCoin customers!

Be told extra about Secret (SCRT):

The marketing campaign will run from 12:00:00 on Would possibly 26, 2022 to 12:00:00 on Jun 2, 2022 (UTC).

Process 1: (Non-trading task) Be told and Earn: Win a Percentage of a 5,000 SCRT Prize Pool!

All the way through the marketing campaign duration, customers who entire the next necessities shall be regarded as certified customers:

  1. Observe KuCoin and Secret on Twitter;
  2. Sign up for Secret Discord Workforce;
  3. Entire the quiz with all of the right kind solutions (Customers can check out as time and again as they wish to earn the prize. To find the solutions on the Secret Official website and Whitepaper);

The primary 5,000 customers who publish the quiz with all right kind solutions will calmly percentage 5,000 SCRT.

Each and every consumer can win 1 SCRT (≈$2). First come, first served.

Process 2: Buying and selling Pageant, Experience a Percentage of 15,000 SCRT!

The highest 30 customers with the very best SCRT buying and selling quantity (buys + sells) on KuCoin will win a percentage of a 15,000 SCRT prize pool!

The rewards shall be disbursed as follows:

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