“…[Georg Wilhelm Friedrich] Hegel’s dialectic procedure reveals a triadic motion. Generally this triadic construction of the dialectic procedure is described as a motion from thesis to antithesis and in the end to a synthesis, and then the synthesis turns into a brand new thesis and this procedure continues till it results in the Absolute Concept…” — Charles T. McGruder, Ph.D.

Fiat cash is monolithic. Since it’s centrally orchestrated and manipulated, it all the time exists as an extension of the need of the ones in persistent. It issues now not who is in persistent. It issues now not what ideologies the ones in persistent adhere to, with what governmental buildings they determine, and so forth. The cash – its provide, its dissemination, its authority – solutions to them and them on my own. Thus fiat cash is monolithic, simply because the powers who pull the levers of financial regulate are monoliths as neatly.

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