To rejoice Plutonians (PLD) being indexed on KuCoin, we will be able to be launching a marketing campaign to provide away a praise pool of 310,000 PLD (roughly $80,000) to certified KuCoin customers!

Watch the video to understand extra about Plutonians (PLD):

Marketing campaign duration: 11:00:00 on April 27, 2022 to 11:00:00 on Might 4, 2022 (UTC)

Job 1: Internet Deposit Pageant, Win a Percentage of 60,000 PLD!

All through the marketing campaign duration, all customers who’ve a internet deposit quantity (deposits – withdrawals) of a minimum of 500 PLD will percentage 60,000 PLD (roughly $16,000) in share to their general internet deposit quantity.

*The praise for the certified customers = (Each and every person’s general internet deposit quantity / all certified customers’ general internet deposit quantity) * 60,000 PLD

*The web deposit quantity will likely be calculated from the time the deposit serve as of PLD opens on KuCoin (11:00:00 on April 26, 2022 (UTC)).

Job 2: Buying and selling Pageant, Win a Percentage of 200,000 PLD!

Customers who’ve a buying and selling quantity (buys + sells) of a minimum of 3,000 PLD on KuCoin will win a percentage of 200,000 PLD (roughly $52,000)!

The rewards will likely be dispensed as follows:


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