That is an opinion editorial through Max Hillebrand, the CEO of zkSNACKs and a contributor to Wasabi Pockets.

After greater than two years of rigorous analysis, construction and assessment, our crew at Wasabi unleashed Wasabi Wallet 2.0 to the wild. This improve incorporated a lot of enhancements, making an attempt to after all make the personal use of Bitcoin easy and inexpensive. Particularly, the brand new Wasabi consumer is designed to be a extra intense Tor consumer than up to now, now with much more Tor identities in parallel.

On the other hand, we gained a harsh wake-up call proper after free up when Tor skilled a distributed-denial-of-service (DDos) assault. When Tor is underneath a DDoS assault, then CoinJoins don’t seem to be as massive and as common as they may well be. It took 3 days earlier than the primary a hit CoinJoin used to be finished, or even after many enhancements to the Wasabi backend and consumer code, there are nonetheless occasional downtimes of hours, and even days.

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